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Our School Has been Selected as a Typical School of Service Contribution and Schools with Excellent Student Development Index of National Higher Vocational Colleges

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2022-02-21

Recently, the 2021 Annual Report on the Quality of Vocational Education in China, compiled by the National Institute of  Educational Sciences and the National Joint Conference of Presidents of Vocational Colleges, published the list of typical schools of service contribution (60) and schools with excellent student development index (100) in China Higher Vocational Education Network, and our school was selected.

The report shows the development of China's higher vocational education in 2020 from five dimensions, service contribution, student development, education and teaching, government responsibility and international cooperation. Based on the analysis of quantitative data such as students' quality and technical service ability in higher vocational colleges, combined with school service contribution cases, 60 typical schools with service contribution in higher vocational colleges were selected, showing the outstanding performance and unique contribution of higher vocational colleges in fighting Covid-19, serving national strategy and regional economic and social development in 2020. The report also released the national student development index of higher vocational colleges for the first time, and the student development index is measured from the dimensions of student development, education and teaching, social service and practical teaching. Based on the annual quality report data submitted by each school and combined with the data of the status data platform, 100 higher vocational colleges with excellent student development index were selected.

With closely focus on the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, the College adheres to the comprehensive management of school according to law, carries out in-depth education and teaching reform, innovates scientific research and social services, always takes serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers as the purpose, takes the development path of industry-university-research collaboration, and forms a unique service model of agricultural vocational colleges, that is, focus on the agricultural industry and lead the innovation and development of agricultural vocational education; adheres to agricultural science and technology innovation and supports the national food security strategy; helps poverty alleviation and serves rural revitalization.