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The College Held a Working Conference on Teaching at the Beginning of the Semester

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2022-02-21

On the afternoon of February 14, the College held a new semester working conference on teaching in the conference room of the Academic Exchange Center. Zhang Xianqi, the vice president of the College attended the meeting. Heads of Academic Affairs Office, secondary schools (departments and centers), training centers, teaching supervision offices, and other departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Xianqi summarized the teaching work in 2021, fully affirmed the achievements made in the past year, planned and arranged the education and teaching work in 2022, and put forward several requirements. First, we must conscientiously study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the National Conference on Vocational Education, deepen three education reforms, comprehensively educate people with “jobs, courses, competitions and certificates”, and improve the quality of education. Understand the latest trend and new development in vocational education, focus on key points, and actively implement them. Train more high-quality technical personnel, technical professionals and consummate craftsmen. Second, we should pay attention to the preparation for the start of school, make good plans and make concrete, meticulous, and effective efforts to have a good start in the new semester. Third, we should hold department meetings in time to arrange the teaching work of this semester, with a focus on “Double High” construction, skill competition, and curriculum construction, and pay attention to the cultivation of teachers and student development closely around classroom teaching. Fourth, we should attach great importance to students' internship arrangements, promote the integration of industry and education as well as dual education, and resolutely put an end to violations of laws and regulations. Fifth, we should pay attention to the effectiveness of project construction and make good use of special funds. Sixth, Sixth, we should take the initiative to plan our work, do a good job in team building, pay special attention to the construction of teachers and specialties, and give full play to the key role of grassroots teaching organizations in teaching reform. Zhang Xianqi emphasized that we should continue to have full confidence in the development of the College, concentrate and work together to strive for a great breakthrough in the reform of education and teaching.

Zhu Weijun, Director of the Office of Academic Affairs, deployed the priorities in the future, mainly focusing on the construction of “double high”, the declaration of vocational colleges integrating industry and education in Henan Province, teachers’ teaching ability competition, the establishment of Henan Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Vocational Education Group, the student internship management system, the construction of excellent online open courses, and the teaching arrangement of for expanded enrollment. We hope that all teaching departments carefully implement every task in strict accordance with the time nodes, communicate in time, and complete the teaching tasks of this semester with high quality.

Song Zhiwei, director of the training center, and Tang Wei, director of the Teaching Supervision Office, explained relevant work in detail.