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The College Paid Visits to Retired Veteran Party Members, Veteran Cadres and Party Members Who live in Difficulties

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2022-02-21

A heart-warming act in the cold winter, sending care and love before the Spring Festival. On January 25, Chen Jianjun, Party Secretary of the College, and Liu Yuan, President of the College, led the members of the leadership team to visit representatives of retired veteran party members, veteran cadres and party members living in difficulties, extended new year’s greetings and gave presents to them, and made party members, cadres and workers feel the care and warmth from the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core.

Chen Jianjun inquired about the veterans’ physical and living conditions in detail and listened carefully to their demands and wishes. During the visit, Chen Jianjun described the achievements of the College in various aspects in the past year, told the veterans to take care of themselves and support the development of the College as always.

Liu Yuan said that the development of the College cannot do without the hard work of every faculty member. We thanked the veterans for their contributions to the College and hoped that veterans could continue to make suggestions for the leapfrog development of the College, and wished the College further improvement in all undertakings in the new year.

As the Covid-19 prevention and control measures are still being implemented, the Spring Festival Visit in 2022 will be conducted in different ways, such as house visit, telephone or WeChat call, and sending presents by mail. Heads of relevant departments such as Party Committee Office, College Office, CPC Organization Department, CPC Publicity Department, Personnel Department and Security Department participated in the visit.