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Students of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture in the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences of Peking University

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2022-02-21

At the New Year's Day gala of the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences of Peking University, a group of dozens of students from Grade 19 of School of Horticulture and Gardening of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture sang a chorus of The Youth of China with the youngest lineup.

It is the sixth month that interns have been to the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences of Peking University. At the beginning of the internship, they felt excited, nervous and uneasy, after half a year, they have got used to their jobs and they can get things done with high proficiency.

Recalling the time when they first came to the Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences of Peking University, it was in sweltering summer in July. The students were not afraid of hard work, rolled up their sleeves and got to work, and went into the steamer-like greenhouse to collect seeds, grow seedlings and collect data, etc.

Students familiarized themselves with the working environment during their internship starting from the substrate composition, sowing, seed cleaning, seedling management and other basic work.

After nearly one month's learning and self-assessment, the Institute began to refine students’ job duties according to students' personal preferences and previous performance. 19 students were assigned to 11 project research groups of the Institute. After job duties were refined, students quickly adapt to their jobs, and completed the teachers' experimental requirements and work contents on time according to the required quantity.

After field planting, Dr. Deng Yun explained the details of crop cultivation to interns. He said that as a qualified breeder, one must master cultivation and management. Only by figuring out the “temper” of crops can we master the differences of various traits.

During the management of crop growth period, interns used different management methods on crops according to breeding requirements, and carefully studied and summarized the work of trait investigation, pollination markers, pest control and so on.

When the farm was affected by severe weather, interns followed Mr. Wang Baolei, the farm owner, to the frontline to make rush repairs and eliminate the danger.

The “Rolling, New Waves” forum every Thursday, invited excellent teachers from home and abroad to give academic reports, and interns actively participated in the event.

The person in charge of the farm held a work report meeting with interns every weekend, on which he summarized the work content of the last week and arranged work for the next week.

In their spare time, the farm owner led the interns to visit the nearby agricultural enterprises.

At the year-end work summary meeting of crop breeding platform, Yan Xufeng, a student of Class 19-3 of horticultural techniques, as a representative of outstanding interns, briefly described the work contents and gains in the past six months at the work summary meeting, which was unanimously recognized by teachers.

Students always remember the school motto of Henan Vocational College of Agriculture, “Cultivate virtue and skills, make great efforts to be proficient in skills”, carries forward the learning style of “Reflect carefully, enhance skills, and learning for practice”. Students tempered themselves in muddy fields, improved their skills in rich experiments, learned from instructions of leaders, and progressed under the supervision of teachers.