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The 2021 Independent Enrollment Examination for Expansion of Higher Vocational Colleges of Henan Vocation College of Agriculture Was Successfully Held

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2021-12-31

To actively respond to the national enrollment expansion policy, implement the arrangement of enrollment expansion for higher vocational colleges of the provincial education department, on December 12, the college organized an independent enrollment examination for expansion of higher vocational colleges in 2021. A total of 572 candidates signed up for the exam, including 337 full-time candidates and 235 flexible school system candidates.

Liu Yuan, the President, Wang Wenfeng, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Zhang Xianqi, the Vice President and heads of relevant functional departments inspected the exam on site. Students did their exams carefully and exam rooms were in good order.

The higher-level inspection team supervised the whole examination, and highly recognized the work of our college in organization and leadership, epidemic prevention and control, examination arrangement, logistics support, security and other aspects.

The enrollment targets of the expansion of higher vocational colleges are mainly regular high school graduates; the recent and previous graduates of secondary vocational schools (including technical secondary schools, technical training schools, and vocational high schools) and veterans; rural migrant workers, laid-off workers and new professional farmers. The enrollment expansion for higher vocational colleges should formulate professional talent training programs in different categories and implement a flexible school system and variable and diversified education and teaching modes The enrollment expansion for higher vocational colleges is an important decision made by the Party’s Central Committee and the State Council based on the overall situation of social development, a great development opportunity for vocational education, and an important measure to let more people receive higher vocational education and innovate the talent training mode.