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The Teaching Research and Practice Projects of Higher Education in Henan Province Undertaken by Our College Successfully Passed the Conclusion Evaluation

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2021-12-31

Notice of Education Department of Henan Province on Publishing the Appraisal List of Research and Practice Projects of Higher Education Reform in Henan Province in 2021 (JG [2021] No.449) has been published. A total of 15 projects of our College have passed the provincial appraisal, including 12 projects that were presided over by our college and 3 projects that the college acted as a participant.

The research and practice projects of higher education teaching reform in Henan Province is an inspection and display of school education scientific research and education teaching reform. The college attached great importance to the cultivation and application of research and practice projects of higher education reform in Henan Province, adhered to the core of improving the quality of talent training, deepened the education reform, highlighted the practicality and innovation of research, encouraged teachers to actively participate in teaching research and teaching reform based on the evaluation of project establishment for school-level teaching research projects, carefully analyzed new situations and problems found in education reform, constantly improved education and teaching achievements, and strengthened the application, exchange and promotion of achievements. At the same time, the college focused on cultivating teaching reform achievements with a good reform foundation and outstanding construction advantages, increased support and strengthened process management. In the process of project establishment and acceptance, well-known experts in the province were invited to give detailed guidance to the project to ensure the research quality of the project.

Under the joint efforts of the college and the project team, the quality of educational and scientific research achievements in our college has been continuously improved, and a series of gratifying and outstanding achievements have been made, which has effectively promoted the teaching reform, improved the education level and enhanced the quality of talent training. Such achievement is an affirmation of our college's promotion of educational scientific research and the contribution of teaching and scientific research to the "double high" construction of the school, which plays a positive leading and motivating role in improving the teaching level and quality.