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Our School Achieved Excellence in the Project of Vocational and Technical Education Institute in Henan Province

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2021-11-30

According to the requirements of the Notice of Henan Vocational and Technical Education Institute in Henan Province on Approving and Closing Projects in 2021, after being reviewed and recommended by experts and examined by the working meeting of the Secretary-General of the Institute, for Henan Vocational College of Agriculture, 25 projects were approved; 12 projects passed the project closing evaluation, and 8 achievements were awarded, of which 3 were awarded the first prize and 5 were awarded the second prize. At the same time, Henan Vocational College of Agriculture won the Excellent Organization Award.

It was the creative achievement of the college in continuously promoting education and teaching reform, deepening connotation construction and continuously optimizing talent training system, which showed the level of talent training and the strength of education and teaching reform research, and marked a new level of the teaching and research level of the college.

What's past is prologue. The college will give full play to the leading role in the vocational and technical education reform research, continue to summarize, improve, popularize and apply the teaching achievements of vocational and technical education, and further expand the influence of the achievements.