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Our College Elected As the Executive Vice President Unit of Henan Paulownia Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

作者:    信息來源:    發布時間: 2021-11-30

From October 23 to 25, the inaugural meeting of Henan Paulownia Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was held in Zhengzhou. Representatives from more than 30 universities, enterprises and public institutions inside and outside the province gathered to witness the establishment of Henan Paulownia Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance), which opened a new chapter in Henan Paulownia research and industrial development. Liu Yuan, President of the College, Liu Rongning, Vice President of the College, and researchers from Paulownia Industry Development and Innovation Team were invited to attend the meeting. Given our contribution to the preservation of Paulownia germplasm resources, the popularization and application of tetraploid paulownia, and the training of agricultural and forestry technical talent, our college was elected as the executive vice president unit of the alliance.

Paulownia originated in China, which is widely distributed and grows rapidly. Featured tall and straight truck, beautiful in tree shape, good in material, extensive use, and a long history of cultivation, it is an important fast-growing timber and shelter forest tree species for farmland in China and the most important excellent native tree species indispensable for scientific greening of Henan land. It plays an important role in the ecological construction of our province.

There are 12 scientific researchers and managers in the Paulownia research team of our college. The team is committed to the research on the preservation and creation of Paulownia germplasm resources, the cultivation and efficient cultivation of new varieties, and the development of the Paulownia industry. It has won 5 provincial and ministerial awards, taken charge of the development of 6 industry standards and published more than 20 academic papers. In the next step, the team will carry out research and practice around the utilization and development of Paulownia resources, the promotion and application of new Paulownia varieties to help the development of the Paulownia industry and rural revitalization in Central China.