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The Launching Ceremony of National Vocational Education Week & the Opening Ceremony and Series of Activities of National Vocational Students Skills Competition

On May 20, the national launching ceremony of the 2021 Vocational Education Activity Week and the opening ceremony of the National Vocational Students Skills Competition were held in Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. Sun Yao, a member of the leading party group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, Lu Xin, President of the Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education, attended the event. President of our school, Liu Yuan and vice president Zhang Xianqi and others participated in the event.

At the National Vocational Education Reform and Innovation Achievement Exhibition, Sun Yao, Lu Xin and other leaders visited the booth of our school and gave guidance. President Lu Xin fully affirmed the achievements of our school in high-quality technical and skilled personnel training, serving the national food security strategy, and leading the innovation and development of vocational education. Zhang Chuanguang, a member of the leading party group and deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, Dong Yumin, a second-level inspector, and Qin Jianchen, division chief of Vocational Education and Adult Education Division, visited the booth of our school and gave guidance.

In this achievement exhibition, our school showcased more than 5,000 representative germplasm resources preserved for more than 70 years since the founding of the school and the new nationally approved maize variety “Yunong 76” selected and bred by the team led by Professor Liu Songtao, a professional teacher in seed production and management, which attracted leaders at all levels, exhibitors from peer colleges, business representatives and students to stop and watch.